Introducing the Executive Team behind the creation of MDSC2023!
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Aleah is a booked and busy MD4 based at the Austin Hospital. She has been involved in the academic side of MDSC since MD2, as a day subcommittee member, and then as Academic Day Convenor in 2023, making her born for the role of Convenor Academic. Despite what people may say, she believes MDSC is truly the highlight of the academic year, and she is super excited to lead the MDSC team to make MDSC2024, the best, and most innovative conference yet!

Aleah Kink
Convenor Academic


Having been on the team for 4 years running, Kathy has encyclopaedic knowledge of MDSC. However, she wishes the same could be said for her orthopaedic knowledge (still forgetting which one's the tibia and fibula). She hopes to combine her logistics experience, decisiveness, and pragmatic problem-solving skills to lead the internal portfolios. When she's not buried in Slack messages and spreadsheets, you can find her crying over Jason Kelce's retirement press conference or planning a never-ending list of other events. She hopes that you truly enjoy MDSC2024!

Kathy Zhou
Convenor Internal

Amelia Grossi
Academic Day Convenor (Day 1)

Amelia is an MD2 student at St Vincent's keen on understanding the hows and whys of contemporary medical practice. When she's not asking the big questions at MDSC, you'll likely catch her making silly jokes with the Medleys crew or walking her 2 beloved German Shepherd dogs.

Emma Klein
Academic Day Convenor (Day 2)

Emma is from the Austin and is keen to ask some hard-hitting questions at MDSC in 2024; who are we practicing medicine for, and why? Aside from managing her sub-committee and the workload of MD3, Emma loves the outdoors (in particular, bike riding), playing piano, baking and her beautiful black Labrador named Onyx.

Nghiep Tran
Academic Day Convenor (Day 3)

Hannah Richards
Academic Day Convenor (Day 4)

Hannah is an Austin MD3 student with a passion for the environment, sustainable healthcare, and her dog, Remy. When she’s not working on the MDSC Day 4 academic program with her wonderful subcommittee, Hannah can usually be found reading, pestering doctors for mini-CEXs, or missing passes as a very average netball wing attack.

Tony Huang
Assessments & Feedback Officer


Molly Wang
Events Manager

As the Events Manager of MDSC, Marvel Stadium is practically Molly’s second home. When she’s not there on business, you’ll find her cheering for her sports team and brainstorming creative ways to get past that alluring boundary line (currently off-limits to MDSC but she’s working on it!). You’ll need to be fast to catch her though as she’s probably already jetted off on her next spontaneous adventure…

Eve Chen
Logistics (Academic)

  • Leaves everything to the last minute (false, no way!)
  • On my way to adopt more cat children (very true)
  • Great at conjuring up a creative bio about myself (???)
  • Somewhere travelling right now (depends...maybe)

Raelynn Tong

Logistics (Internal)

  • Likes to tick boxes with maximal efficiency
  • Obsessed with rocks and climbing them
  • Goes traveling only to regret leaving home three days in
  • Soup noodles any time

Luna Wan
Logistics (Workshops)

Tony Jia
Publication & Promotions Officer

Comic sans everything.

Samuel Liu
Publication & Promotions Officer

Sunny Lu
Public Relations Officer

Sunny is a third-year medical student grateful for the opportunity to lead an amazing Sponsorship Team for MDSC2024, and is keen to deliver a thrilling conference experience for all medical students and sponsors. She also loves tennis and skiing. She also plays the piano, enjoys her adventures to different parts of the world as well as a daily chai latte.

Callie Stavrou
Workshops Coordinator

Armand Gumera
Workshops Coordinator

Introducing Armand, one of MDSC 2024’s Workshop Forge-masters and the man who turns medical education into a physical form! When he’s not fuelling the fires of knowledge, you might find him skydiving from the stratosphere – because who says you can’t forge your courage mid-air? Join Armand at MDSC: where education meets adventure, and every challenge is fuel for the fire!

James Fung
Wellness & Special Events Coordinator

Sharon Chen
Wellness & Special Events Coordinator

Past MDSC Executive Teams


MDSC 2020 Executive Team


Varun Kaushik (Convenor Academic)
Justin Lee (Convenor Internal)
Claire Demeo (Academic Day 1)
Simran Chand (Academic Day 2)
Ryan King (Academic Day 3)
Isabelle Conroy (Academic Day 4)
Shilpa Rath (General Workshops)
Andrea Park (Surgical Workshops)
Brett Xu (Internal Logistics)
Daniel Liu (Academic Logistics)
Rachel Yanner (Academic Logistics)
Raymond Wu (Publications & Promotions)
Sanlin Fisher (Publications & Promotions)
Alexandra Jolley (Wellness)
Sally Chen (Wellness)
Evangelia Dendrinos (Public Relations)
Han Thai (Assessment)
Samantha Ann Yip (Assessment)