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As Convenor Academic, Alison has a knack for finding creative solutions for complex problems - so naturally she had to ask her co-convenor to write her bio. Not to be confused with her identical twin whom Alison is superior to (28 minutes superior in-fact!), Alison is used to being 1 of 2. Her loyalty to the Academic arm of the executive team is admirable, and her ability to act as a supportive base for her executives is perhaps reflective of her past-life as an ex competitive cheerleader. She’s even won an international competition in Hawaii (but don’t tell anyone that her team was the only team in the category… shhhhh). Her birthday is also the day before MDSC, so make sure you wish her a “happy birthday” if you see her around at Marvel (she loves birthdays!!).

Alison Edsell
Convenor Academic


Manasha is a well-rounded MD4 who leads the internal side of MDSC. Her quick thinking and decision making skills extend beyond the borders of her convenor role, as she manages to come up with ideas that help wade through any uncertain situation (such as the time she blasted and vibed out to a particular Taio Cruz song to keep herself alert in a high-stakes drive, much to the fear of her passengers when it came to the ‘I throw my hands up in the air sometimes’ line). Whilst these tools are varied in their usefulness, one thing is for sure - she will be the one to stomp on the accelerator when your campervan (those in the internal side of WOT) inevitably gets its hind wheels stuck in mud at some point (finds themselves in trouble). She has the ability to maintain complete calmness and tranquility through the most stressful of situations, reserving all pent-up frustrations for the head-first plunge of a bungee jump.

Manasha Kumarasiri
Convenor Internal

Jason Wong
Academic Day Convenor (Day 1)

Passionate about public health and teaching, Jason spends most of his week preparing for the four peer tutes he runs each week and the occasional class for the medical school. Rumour also has it that photos exist of him from 2020 sporting a perm hairstyle. He neither confirms nor denies that allegation.

Sreshta Sheri
Academic Day Convenor (Day 2)

Sreshta is an MD3 who loves cooking, outdoorsy adventures, and nerding out over random, seemingly unrelated topics. She’s currently trying to make her way through the world of coffee via discovering new cafes with the lofty aim of becoming a coffee connoisseur.

Aleah Kink
Academic Day Convenor (Day 3)

Aleah is another Austin recruit to MDSC, hoping to educate herself on all things money, and forcing the MD cohort to do the same. When she’s not managing her subcom, or trying to keep up with the endless workload of MD3, Aleah enjoys her new found love of hot mat Pilates, walking her three ‘oodles or trying to grow her indoor plant collection.

Academic Day Convenor (Day 4)

Calling all cat aficionados! Prepare to be whisked away by the new club MUFE - Melbourne University Feline Enthusiasts. Maysa is here to unite cat lovers and their playful companions in a grand gathering of purrfection. Currently the only member but hoping to find more playdates for her cat Winston.

Daniel Tao
Assessments & Feedback Officer

After three consecutive years on the executive team, Dan Tao doesn’t really need a bio. But if you have never looked at the executive bios, then there are a few things you should know about him. Dan loves MDSC a lot and has been on the organising committee for all 4 years of the MD. This is almost as strong as his love for the Collingwood Football Club, but nothing is stronger than his confidence that the Pies will win this year’s flag.

Madeleine Wilson
Events Manager

Maddie is the queen of Marvel Stadium. She will also answer to Captain Marvel. When she is not defending the MDSC2023 venue from Thanos, she can be found working on her hobby-of-the-month, before getting bored and finding a new one. Maddie’s three favourite things are planning holidays, Pidapipo ice cream and her free dog from Gumtree.

Kathy Zhou
Logistics (Academic)

Call her if you need efficiency or a healthy dose of reality, 

Identifies as a picky eater despite having many food-related nicknames,

Enjoys the finer things in life.

Molly Wang

Logistics (Internal)

Breaks bad news diplomatically without needing SPIKES,

Catch her on the ski slopes or on a spontaneous solo trip overseas,

Enjoys the finer things in life.

Jennifer Yao
Logistics (Workshops)

Keeps everything in life (and MDSC) organised with aesthetic spreadsheets and calendars, 

Consumes an unhealthy amount of spicy soup noodles,  

Enjoys the finer things in life.

Ryan Luke
Publication & Promotions Officer

Not to be confused with Luke Ryan, the comedian or the AFL footballer, Ryan doesn’t enjoy being in the limelight, preferring to pull the strings and be behind the camera to keep the P&P train on track. Despite this, Ryan tries to channel his inner Luke Ryan by his love of all things sport and taking life not too seriously. Keep an eye out for Ryan during the conference as he hurries about throwing free merchandise around!

Maggie Gao
Publication & Promotions Officer

It’s no use keeping the P&P train on track if there’s no passengers! Who better to attract passengers than Maggie’s expertise in knowing how to take an aesthetic photo for you and making quality memes. Like her dog Winston, she represents the chaos and party in the P&P team, with an ability to showcase that attending MDSC meetings while simultaneously cooking, playing squash and tasting wine all at the same time is very much possible!

Arron Tran
Public Relations Officer

After abandoning his Commerce undergrad, Arron thought he had left the world of business behind, but somehow he has found himself in the position of Sponsorships. If he’s not busy checking an email three times before sending it, you can find him travelling, trying (and attempting to ?cook) new foods and enjoying a food/beverage with matcha.

Kit Chong
Surgical Workshops Coordinator

Surg progress note:

  • D/W P&P re Kit’s Sx


  • has cat
  • drinks coffee
  • loves surgery
  • panik+++


  • SOOB
  • encourage DBAC
  • have good conference

Geetika Gupta
General Workshops Coordinator

Geetika is responsible for coordinating general workshops that will be available during everyone’s favourite conference. She believes that laughter is the best medicine; one convo with her and you’ll be left in stitches (the non-surgical kind, of course). Geetika loves to hike, bake, and binge-watch Netflix series. She’s always down for a chat, so don’t hesitate to say hi to her at MDSC!

Emma Young
Wellness & Special Events Coordinator

One half of the Wellness & Special Events executive team, Emma is an enthusiastic MD4 from New Zealand (try to ignore the accent) who always tries to bring positivity to people's days, either through the awesome wellness program or with a dodgy dad joke. When she's not at the hospital or on slack responding to MDSC messages, she can be found on the tennis court or hanging with friends. Emma always has a snack in her pocket and thinks most problems can be fixed with a big bowl of pasta!

Stacey Park
Wellness & Special Events Coordinator

When Stacey isn’t being Wellness & Special Events Stacey, you’ll find that she also responds to Self-Care Stacey, Stop-Denting-Your-Car Stacey and Slacey. Widely regarded for her fashion taste, she’s excited to not be wearing jogger pants for much of the conference (if you know, you know). However she's most looking forward to enjoying a tofu scramble & iced soy latte for brunch after Cocktail Night. As a recent convert to Google Calendar, you can trust that she'll finally be on time to her events!

Past MDSC Executive Teams


MDSC 2020 Executive Team


Varun Kaushik (Convenor Academic)
Justin Lee (Convenor Internal)
Claire Demeo (Academic Day 1)
Simran Chand (Academic Day 2)
Ryan King (Academic Day 3)
Isabelle Conroy (Academic Day 4)
Shilpa Rath (General Workshops)
Andrea Park (Surgical Workshops)
Brett Xu (Internal Logistics)
Daniel Liu (Academic Logistics)
Rachel Yanner (Academic Logistics)
Raymond Wu (Publications & Promotions)
Sanlin Fisher (Publications & Promotions)
Alexandra Jolley (Wellness)
Sally Chen (Wellness)
Evangelia Dendrinos (Public Relations)
Han Thai (Assessment)
Samantha Ann Yip (Assessment)