Convenor's Welcome

Hear from Daniel Tao and Cherie Chan, your MDSC convenors for 2022! Meet the rest of the executive team here!


Distinguished guests, faculty, staff, and our beloved MD colleagues — a warm, warm welcome to the University of Melbourne MD Student Conference 2022 (aka. MDSC2022)!

The past couple of years have been a tumultuous time for us all, with COVID-19 putting a damper on clinical placements, mass gatherings, and, of course, an in-person MDSC. However, as we now cautiously emerge from the days of rolling lockdowns and daily Dan Andrews pressers, the Whole Organising Team is proud to present the 12th iteration of the MD Student Conference, in a form that is (slightly) more in-person and more off-campus than before!

We invite you to tune in to our academic programme, both in-person and online, to grapple with the big ideas of today and tomorrow. Take part in our array of engaging workshops, designed to help you foster your clinical skills and knowledge. Come along to our various wellness activities, which grant you an opportunity to relax and rewind amidst the hustle and bustle of MDSC. And, of course, who can forget our line-up of special events, where we once again get the chance to greet one another with long-lost affection and truly reconnect.

So dive in, connect, reflect, and, most importantly, don’t forget to have fun — see you at the conference!

Cherie Chan and Daniel Tao
MDSC2022 Convenors


The MD Student Conference (MDSC) is a core university subject of the Doctor of Medicine (MD) Program at the Melbourne Medical School.

MDSC is entirely student-led, with over 100 students involved in its organisation, planning and execution. The annual conference is a unique and innovative step in medical education that brings together over 1400 students of all years within the Melbourne Medical School into a setting akin to what they will experience in their future as medical professionals, in order to explore facets of medicine that are not covered by their MD curriculum.


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