2024 Assessment

The assessment for MDSC2024 is spearheaded by MDSC member Tony Huang who is hard at work developing this years assessment
to satisfy the university requirements. More information will be released in due time and will be communicated to everyone via their student emails.

Any questions regarding Assessment or Feedback, please email Tony at assessment@melbournemdconference.org.au

MDSC comprises a 6.25 credit point subject and as such there are some hurdle assessment requirements which must be met in order to pass the subject. The assessment task you need to complete will depend on what year level you are in. All assessment is pass/fail, and all items are hurdle.

Assessment for 2024 is evolving and transitioning away from MDConnect to Canvas. 
See below regarding the updates!

The ePortfolio

The ePortfolio is an opportunity for you to reflect upon your thoughts and experiences from MDSC. Successful completion of the e-Portfolio is a hurdle requirement to pass the MDSC subject.

The requirements for the ePortfolio differ by year level. You will be required to complete all compulsory elements (CE) and secondary elements (SE) allocated to your year level. Only the minimum amount of secondary elements required will be assessed; however, you may choose to exceed this amount if you wish.

We hope that you enjoy the revamped platform on Feedback Fruits, and we are more than happy to pass on any feedback that you may have (via email) to the Melbourne Medical School.

Compulsory Elements

You must complete all of the compulsory elements allocated to your year level. To complete the Research Evaluation, please ensure you either attend a student oral research presentation session OR view one of the research posters displayed in the Danver room throughout the conference. You are only required to evaluate ONE research project, not the entire session. We highly recommend taking a photo of the research project you wish to evaluate for your records.

MD1: conference reflection + research evaluation + 2 x Secondary Elements.

MD2: conference reflection + research evaluation + 2 x Secondary Elements.

MD3: conference reflection + research evaluation + 3 x Secondary Elements.

MD4: 6 ePortfolio reviews and participation in a professional practice tutorial discussion on your experiences of MDSC across the entire 4 years of participation. This will be held during Semester 2 and more details will be sent in early July.

For complete assessment information including instructions on how to complete the ePortfolio, see below:

Full Assessment Instructions

Guide to Feedback Fruits

ePortfolio Rubics

Organising Team Assessment Instructions

Secondary Elements

You can select which secondary elements you would like to complete. MD1 & MD2s need to complete at least 2, MD3s need to complete at least 3.

Reflect upon one of the academic keynotes or symposium sessions that you attended.

  • What motivated you to attend this session?

  • What did you get out of the session?

  • How do your learnings from the chosen session relate to the knowledge that you have acquired from the traditional MD curriculum?

  • 1 x photo required

1 x photo & 150 words

DUE Dates

Conference Reflection + Research Evaluation
+ Secondary 
(MD1-3 only)

ePortfolio Peer Review
Review period opens TBC

(MD4 only)