Into The Wild


Alone in the outback. Your expedition partner went off hours ago. They have just returned but are seriously unwell. Their condition is rapidly deteriorating and you’re not sure what has happened.

Your instincts impel you to access the smartphone, but your heart sinks as it fades to black and the battery dies – no 000, no UpToDate. Maybe those snapchats and instagram stories weren’t worth it. Time ticks away, and your friend continues to decline – what will you do? Importantly, what should you not do?

Led by expert toxicologists, emergency physicians and wilderness and retrieval specialists, Into the Wild will test your mettle and bring you simulated emergencies in resource-poor settings. As the first responders tasked with managing a number of emergencies you will need to adapt, improvise and overcome. Along with your expedition team, hone your first aid skills and improve your decision making in this brand new workshop.


Available to all year levels


Key facilitators:

  • A/Prof Bill Nimo
  • Dr Ken Winkel
  • Dr Shona McIntyre