Pandemics: Going Viral!


Join this session to hear from a leading virologist on pandemic theory, the effects of globalisation on pandemics, and the possible threat of bioterrorism. This talk will be accompanied by interactive activities in which you can engage to direct the narrative of virus transmission, including a simulation demonstrating the spread of a pandemic. Feverishly fascinating, join the pandemic and let’s go viral!


Dr Julian Druce

Dr Julian Druce has worked in virology for more than 25 years at the Victorian Infectious Diseases Reference Laboratory. The major emphasis has been in human virological diagnosis, including serology, virus isolation and nucleic acid detection. Some years were involved in public health virology associated with HIV and blood-borne virus surrogates investigating environmental survivability, virus disinfection, re-use of medical devices, harm reduction strategies and medical malpractice investigations. More recently the primary focus has been design, implementation and management of the laboratory for PCR assays for the detection of a broad range of most human viruses including viral haemorrhagic fever viruses and other emerging viruses at BSL-3 and BSL-4 containment.