Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services: Caring for Community and Improving Health for More than 40 Years


Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations (ACCHOs) have a proud history as sustainable, grassroots organisations that build community capacity for self-determination. ACCHOs are committed to assisting every Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander person to realise their full potential as a human being and as a member of their community. ACCHOs such as the Victorian Aboriginal Health Service (VAHS) are instrumental in improving health outcomes for Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander communities. In this session you will hear from VAHS staff about the importance of ACCHOs, their effectiveness and how students can get involved to help work towards Closing the Gap. You’ll find out why ACCHOs are so far above the average health service!


Dr Jenny Hunt

Dr Jenny Hunt is a public health physician and has worked in the Aboriginal community controlled health sector for more than 25 years – in clinical, public health and research roles. Jenny is currently the Clinical Director of the Victorian Aboriginal Health Service.

Dr Sarah Koh

Dr Sarah Koh is a General Practitioner and has a passion for working in community. She has worked in rural Kenya and for over 17 years has worked in urban and remote Aboriginal communities including Kalkaringi, Lajumaniu and Katherine. She is currently based at the Victorian Aboriginal Health Service in Fitzroy.

Gavin Brown

Gavin Brown is a Gunditjmara – Kirrae Wurrong man who grew up in the Fitzroy Aboriginal community. He started working in Aboriginal organisations at a young age, and for the past 30 years he has been in management and chief executive officer roles in a variety of sectors in Aboriginal communities in Victoria and New South Wales. Gavin has been back at the Victorian Aboriginal Health Service for two years, in the role of General Manager of Operations.