2017 MD Student Conference
June 26 – June 29


Now in its seventh year, the MD Student Conference is bigger and better than ever. While we’re finalising all the details to make sure that MDSC is as great as it can be, we’d love to receive some feedback regarding your previous experience. What kind of things do you want to see at the conference? Do you have any tips and tricks you’d like to share with other students? Is there anything you’d like to ask the year levels above you? Leave us a comment below to let us know your thoughts!

We’ve already made some big changes . . .


We’ve completely overhauled and simplified the registration system with the view of ensuring fair and equal access to the consistently popular workshops.
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Mobile App

Our custom built mobile app is designed to facilitate a more immersive conference experience.
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We’re committed to delivering better quality food and greater access to tea&coffee so that you can satiate those hunger pangs and push through that postprandial somnolence.
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Clinical School Cup

The Clinical School Cup (CSC) is back again for another year. Complete challenges and earn points for you clinical school. Which team will com out on top and take away the coveted CSC trophy?

Academic Program

Identity is the way we see ourselves, how others see us, and the way we relate to those around us. Visible factors such as gender and ethnicity are easier to appreciate, but invisible powers are also constantly shaping our identities in specific ways. This stream is about the hidden factors that construct our identities. It’s about how privilege shapes our access to social, political, and economic power. It’s about how we use power and how we lose it. This stream is aimed to amplify voices that are not always easily heard, and to leave you with a better understanding of how society shapes us, and how we can, in turn, shape society.
When life gives you lemons, or, as happened in 2016, a pumpkin disguised as President-elect, it may be time to shake that tree down.
We can often view progress as an inevitable force, however, recent events have shown us that the push-back against change is formidable, and its success relies on our silence. Routine, Interrupted is all about using the privilege we will be granted as future doctors to question these inherent power structures and gain the skills to advocate in a meaningful way. The key to serenity may be accepting the things we cannot change, but the key to progress is changing the things we cannot accept, and so the sessions in this stream are designed to push the boundaries of the status quo and bring us all out of our comfort zones.
This stream provides an opportunity to think about our own mental health: how we are going and why we feel the way we do. It is a chance to think about how we cope with the tough times, and to consider if our current strategies are effective. Medicine is, and will continue to be, a rollercoaster. The stream will remind you that in order to care for our patients through those ups and downs, we have to be able to look after ourselves.
Above all else, patients tend to value a caring doctor who communicates with kindness and respect. It is these qualities that we should aspire towards during our medical careers, as we witness the fragility of life and how cruelly it can be taken away from people. Cancer is a challenging illness to confront as a health professional, but it is the patients who face this dreaded disease that can teach us the most powerful lessons on courage and what it means to truly appreciate life.


Accounting for 6.25 academic credits, the MDSC assessment allows students to reflect on topics that they may not encounter as part of their clinical rotations.
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MDSC 2017 will be held at the Melbourne Convention Centre.
1 Convention Centre Pl, South Wharf VIC 3006.
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