Clinical School Cup presented by MIPS

MDSC is the perfect opportunity for all year levels to come together. This means a time to reconnect with friends from your own clinical school, and from other clinical schools.

What better way to bond with your fellow medical students than by working with 1400 people to achieve something bigger than us? Whether its supporting a charity, starting an important discussion or supporting our community!

Band together with your peers at your clinical school to win awesome prizes, and take home the treasured 2018 MDSC Clinical School Cup!

This year, points from MDSC’s Clinical School Cup will also contribute to the UMMSS year-long interclinical school competition – what better way to get a head start!

Clinical School Cup
presented by MIPS

This year, be prepared to encounter a fresh, new menu of challenges – in addition to a couple of old classics – in which you may partake, and help lead your clinical school to victory!

In addition to the potential of winning this coveted trophy, getting involved in this year’s Clinical School Cup will allow you to have your voice heard and make a real impact in various ways.

The four components of the Clinical School Cup include:

Daily Academic Stream Challenges

For each day of the 2018 MD Student Conference, a challenge relevant to the academic theme will be set, wherein your participation may earn you points for your clinical school. Click on each challenge to find out more!


Day 1 – Our Medical Community
Put your medical student skills to use even before you finish the course! Ambulance Victoria is keen to share the new app, GoodSAM, and get YOU involved! Learn more about the app and how to sign up. Save lives, and earn points – it’s a win-win!

Day 2 – Temporary Mobility
Take a photo with someone from your clinical school that you’ve just met this week! Post the photo and share an interesting fact you’ve learnt about them on the MDSC App Newsfeed.

Day 3 – Defining a Patient
Contribute your ideas and thoughts to the “Reflection Wall” in the Wellness Lounge (Level 1)

Day 4 – The Jaw Drop
Technology is updating at an exponential rate, take a moment to think about how we can reduce its impact on the world around us. Bring in old technology that’s difficult to dispose of, and we’ll organise for safe recycling! (Examples of items include; batteries, old digital cameras, old mobile phones.). You’ll find boxes to drop off your contribution in the Wellness Lounge.

Daily Academic Stream Challenges

For each day of the 2017 MD Student Conference, a challenge relevant to the academic theme will be set, wherein your participation may earn you points for your clinical school. Click on each challenge to find out more!

Monday: Acting Outside the Box
‘Invisible Powers’ will broaden our understanding of the ways in which society shapes who we are, but also the ways in which we can shape society. New Day Box is a Melbourne-based organisation that delivers boxes filled with treats and everyday luxury items to women during the most difficult times in their lives. This challenge is your opportunity to make a difference for women who have faced family violence.

Our boxes have been kindly donated by shoe companies around Melbourne, and now it’s your turn to help. Do you have some unopened gifts you’ve been waiting to pass on? If you pass a Priceline or body shop over the weekend, could you spare a few dollars to pick up something to brighten someone’s day? Maybe a face or hand cream, a hairbrush, perfume, lollies, nail polish, lipstick, notebooks, or makeup brushes? The items must be new and unused but can be any size/quality.

By giving generously, together we can make a small difference to the lives of these brave women. These items will be assembled into boxes in our afternoon workshop, together with handwritten notes of support which we have been told are always very well-received!

Participation in this challenge can earn you 10 points for your clinical school, if you choose to have your participation noted upon donation. Donations can be made in the Wellness Lounge from Monday morning, with points being recorded until 1:00 PM.

Tuesday: Sign of the Times
‘Routine, Interrupted’ is all about challenging what is accepted as the norm. Drawing inspiration from some ‘punny’ protest signs at recent global protests, the challenge for this day encourages you to think about what really grinds your gears, and what witty one-liner you would use to garner the world’s attention if you were protesting.

On the MDSC 2017 app, the following questions will be available to answer:
What issue within society do you think needs to be protested?
What would be the best sign at this protest?

If you’re feeling a bit arty and/or crafty, you can even design your own protest sign in the Wellness Lounge during lunch!

By submitting a response to the questions, 2 points will go towards your clinical school, and each sign will earn your school 4 points! Extra points will be allocated to the 5 most creative protest signs, which will then be on display in the Wellness Lounge for the remainder of the conference. Points will be recorded until 1:00pm.

Wednesday: Feel-Good Strategies
As we explore the ‘Silent Malady’ that plagues many of our peers, we’d like you to reflect on any strategies you personally employ when you’re feeling down.

We’ll have several questions available to answer through the MDSC app, and by submitting your suggestions, you can earn up to 4 points for your clinical school.

At the end of the challenge, we will develop a bank of these ideas and distribute them to the cohort to assist your peers, so that if they’re ever in a situation where they’re feeling down and are unsure of how to cope on their own, there may just be something on this list that could help them. Points will be recorded until 1:00pm.

Thursday: Coin Line for Cancer
In conjunction with the Fundraising Fair for ‘My Job, Your Life’, take part in our coin line challenge inspired by the Love Your Sister Campaign, which saw 2 million dollars donated to cancer research using just 5 cent coins.

For our challenge, all you need to do is place a silver coin on a line located in the Fundraising Fair. All coins will be donated to the Cancer Council, which does incredible work for cancer prevention, patient support, and research.

Bring along all those silver coins you have lying around your house to help support the fight against cancer. Every cent counts – and if you choose to have your participation recorded, you may earn 6 points for your clinical school. The Fundraising Fair will be held on the Ground Floor during lunch, and points will be recorded until 1:00pm.

Wellness Activities

Attendance at any of the Tuesday and Wednesday pre and post academic day Wellness Activities will earn you 1 point! Check out all the amazing options on the schedule on the MDSC App or website, and get in early because each session is first in, best dressed.

Head up to Level 1 to check out the Wellness Lounge, it’s a great meeting point during breaks, and has lots of comfy places to sit. While you’re there, get involved in the MIPS Clinical School Cup challenge: find the MIPS photo frames, take a photo with some friends, and post it on the MIPS Facebook post (#mipswellnessbuddy)! Every photo is worth 2 points!

Additionally, each member of the winning team of the Trivia Evening (Tuesday from 5.30pm) will earn 5 points for their clinical school!

Entries into the inaugural MDSC Art and Photography Competition (in collaboration with the Film and Photography Student Society) will earn you 2 points! Plus, an extra 5 points for being shortlisted, and an extra 10 points for each winner!

Take part in UMMSS’ Random Acts of Kindness by creating a gift for another student. As well as 2 points for your Clinical School, you’ll also receive something special! Don’t forget to bring in your gifts on Thursday

Bonus Challenges

In partnership with UMMSS Global Health Collective and frank green, MDSC 2017 will participate in Code Green, an AMSA Global Health initiative for Australian medical students to respond to our planet’s health emergency. Participate in any of the activities at the Code Green stall and they’ll add 1 point to your clinical school’s tally!

Bring anything MIPS-related to their trade table, and just by showing the MIPS team what you own, you can easily and quickly earn points for your clinical school!

There are a number of different items, which will be scored as follows:
membership card – 3 points
water bottle – 2 points
cable charges – 1 point

Tour de Conference presented by South Wharf Restaurants

Ride to the convention centre on Tuesday morning as part of the annual Tour De Conference!

Not only will you get a FREE breakfast to start your day right if you’re among the first 75 cyclists, but you’ll earn your 5 points for your clinical school, or 10 points if you’re in the first 10 people to arrive!

Tour de Conference

Tour de Conference has been run for the last few years, encouraging students to cycle to the MD Student Conference, and by doing so, highlighting the importance of regular physical activity and reduction of the carbon footprint. Participation will earn you 4 points!

This year, from 8:00 AM on Tuesday, we will be giving FREE VOUCHERS to the first 30 students who ride to the Melbourne Convention Centre, towards one of the following:
Banana, natural honey, bran and flaxseed smoothie ($7.00)
Acai & blueberry compote, banana, coconut and macadamia crumble with freeze dried berries ($10.00)
House made organic yoghurt and muesli bowl with goji berries and chia seeds ($10.00)

Discount ($5 off) vouchers will also be available for approximately 70 students who arrive at the Melbourne Convention Centre – regardless of cycling in – between 8:00am and 10:00am.

Bike racks will be available outside of the Melbourne Convention Centre throughout MDSC.

Inter-Clinical School Debating

This year, debating is back – and more competitive, witty, and clever than ever! With more on the line than ever before, come to support and cheer your clinical school to victory as they battle for the most points available of any challenge!

The first round of debating will be held during lunch on Monday and Tuesday from 12:40 PM to 1:20 PM with the draw as listed below. The top 2 performing teams will go through to the >final to be held in Plenary during Thursday lunch from 12:45 PM to 1:25 PM.

While every team will receive points in the form of their team’s debate score, the top 3 placed schools will receive the following number of points additionally:
1st Place: 200 points
2nd Place: 140 points
3rd Place: 80 points





St Vincent’s (A) vs Austin (N)


Room 106

Internship allocations in Victoria should be randomised rather than merit-based.

Rural (A) vs Pre-Clinical (N)


Room 110

Pre-clinical years should be pass/fail rather than being graded.

RMH (A) vs Epworth (N)


Room 110

Medical school exams should be open book.

Western (A) vs Northern (N)


Room 109

Recreational drugs should be decriminalised.