Frequently Asked Questions

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What is MDSC?
MD Student Conference is a unique and innovative step in medical education that brings together students of all years within the Melbourne Medical School into a setting akin to what they will experience in the future as medical professionals. It provides an opportunity to explore facets of medicine not covered by the MD curriculum.

Do we have to go to MDSC?
MD Student Conference is a compulsory subject that is worth 6.25% of your overall grade per year. In previous years, the cohort received an extra week of lectures, but now we have MDSC instead!

What will I get out of MDSC?
Once you have graduated, most of your learning will be in a conference setting. MDSC allows you to practice that now. You will be presented with up-to-date information about current medical technologies, gain insight into more controversial aspects of medicine and medicine’s relationship to society. You will also get a break from traditional lecture-style learning, and get some hands-on experience.

What do you have to do for MDSC?
All you have to do is turn up and complete your e-Portfolio by the due date. (There will be opportunities to really turn up later on!)

How is attendance marked?
On Monday 25th June, the first thing you need to do upon arrival at MCEC is to go to the registration desk with your student ID in hand, and collect your lanyard. Inside your lanyard, there is an attendance tracking chip. Attendance will be checked upon entry into the morning and afternoon keynote sessions, which are held inside Plenary. You must wear your lanyard visibly around your neck to ensure that your attendance is automatically registered when you walk over the floor mats the entrance to Plenary. If your lanyard is in your bag, under a scarf/coat or obscured in any other way, your attendance may not be registered. This may result in you receiving a notice from the Department of Medical Education 🙁

What if I lose my lanyard?
If you lose your lanyard, please go to the Registration Desk, present your student card and evidence of enrolment in the MDSC subject, and collect a new one. The details of this new lanyard will be passed onto the Department of Medical Education to reconcile the attendance data.

What if I am late or miss the scanning time altogether?
Students who fail to attend conference will have to contact the Student Conference Subject Co-ordinator ( with their name, student ID, year level, date and time of missed scanning and brief explanation of why scanning was missed. If you have any questions or concerns about attendance at MDSC, this should be directed to the above email address. Do not seek advice from other students.

What is the ePortfolio?
e-Portfolio is the official assessment task for MDSC. It’s like an electronic journal, where you reflect on your experiences using a range of media, including text, image, and video. You can access your e-Portfolio through MDConnect. You will need to complete a number of tasks to make up points. It’s peer-assessed, so try to have fun with it! More information is available under Assessment on the website.

Is there a dress code?
Make sure you’re dressed to impress the academics you will be meeting. Smart casual is best.

What should I bring?
You may want to bring a small notebook and pen to jot down any thoughts that arise from an inspiring academic session. You won’t need your laptop – but bring your phone or smart device to participate in MDSC activities. Lunch and snacks are provided.


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What’s the point of taking time off from my clinical rotations?
After graduation, most of your learning will take place in conference settings. MDSC will help you prepare for a new way of learning in a professional setting and out of the classroom. Not all of your learning can be obtained in the hospital, and MDSC is a glimpse into your future as a doctor who is continually learning.

Why should I sit down for four days listening to lectures?
While there are many academic sessions in a seminar format, there are also a number of more practical-based sessions, where you can get hands-on experience through simulation of clinical scenarios. You can still gain practical clinical skills without being in a hospital environment!

What’s the point of coming back every year?
MDSC changes every year. It’s a great way to update your knowledge of medical technologies, social trends that relate back to medical practice, and get in touch with the patient experience. It’s your chance to pick the learning, the academic content, that is relevant to you.

Can I skip MDSC and get an extra week of holidays?
Although Instagramming pics from your trip to Europe where it’s summer is tempting, you’re going to have so much fun at MDSC! There are so many fun Academic and Wellness sessions to choose from, plus all your friends will be there!

What do I need to do to pass?
MDSC is a subject that is worth 6.25% of your overall grade per year. You will need to complete your e-Portfolio by the due date to pass, and complete elements to earn points. It’s peer-assessed, so try to have a fun with it! Find all the details under Assessment on our website. 

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What’s the deal with assessment?

  • Bring your poster to display at MDSC Monday June 25th
  • Complete five peer reviews of posters at MDSC by July 29th 11.59pm
  • Complete two MD3 e-portfolio peer reviews via MDConnect by August 24th 11.59pm

Find all the details under Assessment on our website!

What if I have an internship interview during MDSC?
MD4s have permission to miss sessions if they are attending internship interviews, and they will be advised separately about the process for this.

What if I’m busy with my monograph?

MDSC is going to be so much fun! Take some time to attend the incredible academic sessions on offer, and catch up with your friends.