Introduction to the Academic Streams

Over the next two weeks, we are excited to present you the Academic Program of the 2017 MD Student Conference.

As a departure from previous years, we have decided to forego a theme for each of the four days. Instead, we have divided the conference in two parts, each having two integrated streams throughout the two days. This year, we will explore the concept of equilibrium, and how this translates into the expansive world of medicine through four uniquely different, yet fundamentally connected, academic streams.

On Monday and Tuesday, we will explore the interrelation between identity and society, especially in the context of medicine. As individuals within society, we are challenged to balance who we are and the person that society desires us to be. Becoming a doctor complicates this task even further. ‘Invisible Powers’ will explore how unseen factors influence identity, and their push and pull effects on the unequal distribution of power between individuals within society. Meanwhile, ‘Routine, Interrupted’ will dare you to decide where you stand on important contemporary issues in medicine through challenging your beliefs and pushing your boundaries.

On Wednesday and Thursday, we will focus on two important people in medicine: the doctor and the patient. As medical students and doctors, we face situations in which other people’s lives hang in the balance. While this is a daunting proposition, we must remember to do no harm: to others and to ourselves. ‘Silent Malady’ will reiterate that a doctor is a human being, first and foremost, and balancing their personal life and career is essential for their success and wellbeing. Concurrently, ‘My Job, Your Life’ will focus on the cancer patient and their journey, highlighting the importance of empathy and understanding in effective medical practice.

We hope that the diverse sessions that comprise our Academic Program will broaden your horizons, with respect to the landscape of medicine, and empower you to become a valuable and influential member in your chosen career pathway.

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Chen & RJ Seastres
2017 MD Student Conference