The Wellness Hub is a brand new initiative taking place for the very first time in MDSC 2019.

We can’t wait for you to start exploring it.

MDSC has for a long time explored key issues relating to medical student wellbeing and mental health through academic symposia and optional wellness activities. These activities have helped students develop skills that combat concerning trends in worsening student wellbeing. In 2019, we are taking this even further by providing every single student a guaranteed hour to work on their wellbeing, as part of the academic program.

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A - Dodgeball
B - Boxing 1️⃣
C - Circus Skills 1️⃣
D - Badminton
E - Nutrition Workshop 2️⃣
F - Massage Therapy
G - Tie-Dying!
H - Sweeten Your Day - Dry Ingredient Gift Making 2️⃣
I - Stethoscope Pouch Sewing 1️⃣
J - Acroyoga 1️⃣
K - Craft Corner
L - Terrarium Making 1️⃣
M - Financial Wellbeing with HESTA
N - Smoothie Bikes
P - Five Sense Coffee
R - Games Room
S - Period Packs for the Homeless
T - Meditation
U - App Playground
V - Minigolf
W - Cheesemaking 2️⃣
X - Clinical Clothes Swap
Y - Rethinking Drinking
Z - Lounge

1️⃣ = 1 session per hour
2️⃣ = 2 sessions per hour
Feel free to join all other activities at any point in the hour!

What is the Wellness Hub and how does it work?

The Wellness Hub is a large, multipurpose area filled with different activities, workshops and self-directed areas which are all aimed at helping you improve your wellbeing. As a part of your academic timetable, you will have access to the Wellness Hub for one hour on Day 2 to enjoy with the rest of your year level.

All of the activities are first-come first-serve. Some activities will last a full hour, others may run multiple times during the hour. There are also areas where you can relax, reflect and focus on your wellness!

Please do not bring any laptops or other work into the Wellness Hub – there will be plenty to do! We recommend reading about each of the activities on offer ahead of time so that you can plan how you would like to spend your time there. This will be available in due course.

Some activities have capacities, so if one is full please move along to another activity on offer. During your allocated time, you are required to remain in the Wellness Hub and cannot attend other symposia. Entry into the Wellness Hub during your allocated time slot will be recorded and used to assess your attendance for Day 2 (Tuesday).

Changes to Day 2

With the introduction of the Wellness Hub, the format of Day 2 is a little different from other MDSC days. There will be four one-hour time-slots for the day, with lunch in the middle and no keynote presentations. In line with the ideas and values behind the Wellness Hub, we have decided to make Day 2 a shorter academic day, with a late start at 11.30am. Given the shorter duration of the day, only lunch will be provided.

During the three academic time slots that you are not attending the Wellness Hub, you will attend other symposia sessions like any other MDSC day. Academic symposia will be presented following the Day 2 theme, More Than Medicine, workshops will be running, and MDRP oral presentations will be taking place.

Activities in the Wellness Hub

Check out the activities that will be on offer in the Wellness Hub! If you're on your phone, use the MDSC app instead.




Dodge, duck, dip, dive, dodge! This activity has no time limit.



Need a bit of stress relief? Come along to our boxing session! It's a great way to get a work out and to learn a few new exercises! Just bring yourself and wear some comfortable clothes. There will be one session per hour.

Circus Skills


Juggling, ball manipulation and group games focusing on team work, accuracy and coordination. Get up and about in this circus skills workshop! There will be one session per hour.



Dodge, duck, dip, dive, dodge! This activity has no time limit.

Nutrition Workshop


What you feed your body can change how you feel and function. Come along to this engaging and informative session to learn about the best options to nourish your body and mind! There will be two sessions per hour, starting at half-past and on the hour.

Massage Therapy


Tired from exploring the exciting activities in the Wellness Hub? Take a load off and receive a complementary massage from practicing Vic Uni students!

Tie Dying


Keen for some time away from the academia of conference? Get ready to have some fun and maybe get a little messy with tie-dying! All you need to bring along is a sturdy plastic bag and a plain white item of clothing (cotton is best) and we’ll help you do the rest! This activity has no time limit.

Sweeten Your Day


Come along to create a mason jar brownie mix gift for a loved one or yourself! All ingredients and materials will be provided, simply combine the contents of the jar with butter and eggs at home, and you’ll have a delicious brownie mix ready to bake. There will be two sessions per hour, starting at half-past and on the hour.

Sew Your Own Steth Pouch


Always looking for the perfect protective home for your precious stethoscope, but can’t seem to ever find it? With all materials supplied and the guidance of a lovely and experienced instructor, don’t miss out on this opportunity to come along and sew your very own stethoscope pouch! There will be one session per hour.



An upbeat cross between acrobatics and yoga! Mats will be provided - please wear comfortable clothing you can move around in. There will be one session per hour.

Craft Corner


From pom-poms, to drawing, or origami, let your creative juices flow with a crafternoon in the craft corner. Come for a yarn about feminism with Medfem at Stitch 'n' Bitch.

Terrarium Making


Learn how to care for a terrarium, then get the opportunity to make a small terrarium to take home! Please bring your own a small glass container or jar (around the size of a large jam jar - no bigger than 13cm in diameter) to upcycle! There will be one session per hour.

Financial Wellbeing with HESTA


Learn how to navigate your finances when you *finally* start working full time!

Smoothie Bikes


Name something more 'wellness' than exercise and smoothies! Didn't get to make a terrarium? Bring along your jar and fill it with a smoothie instead - but you'll have to cycle for it! This activity has no time limit.



Has it been a while since you’ve thought of getting your finances in order? Getting on top of your super, insurances and boosting your balance is easier than you think.

At HESTA, we make it easy to get on top of your life admin. You might save on tax straight away and set yourself on a path to a better long term future.

5 Senses Coffee


Need some extra energy to get you through the day? The crew at Five Senses Coffee has you covered with a FREE coffee for all students while in the Wellness Hub! Bring your own Keep Cup if you have one! NOTE: please wait until you receive a push notification inviting you to pick up your coffee!



We’re here to protect and support members in some of their most difficult career moments.

We provide accredited risk education, confidential advice and most importantly ensure that MIPS is comfortably funded to cover current and future members’ claims liabilities and support.

Games Room


Love a good game of connect-4? Need to unwind over some puzzling puzzles? Or want to get competitive with some giant jenga? Come and check out the games room! This activity has no time limit.

Period Packs for the Homeless


Do you feel better when helping those in need? Get hands on and make period packs for the homeless with the UMMSS Global Health Collective team. This activity has no time limit.

Meditation Station


Need some time to chill out? Find a comfy spot in the meditation station, slip on an eye mask and immerse yourself in a guided meditation for as long as you need! Must BYO headphones. This activity has no time limit.

App Playground


There are so many wellness apps out there, where do we even start? Use this opportunity to trial various mindfulness apps which we've pre-downloaded onto iPads for your convenience! Please bring your own headphones so you can enjoy a fully immersive mindfulness app experience. This activity has no time limit.



Grab your friends and enjoy a few holes of minigolf! This activity has no time limit.



Let the team from That's Amore Cheese show you their whey to make the perfect mozzarella. We dairy you to try making it at home afterwards! There will be two sessions per hour, starting at half-past and on the hour.

Clinical Clothes Swap


Drop off clothes that you no longer want wear to clinical placement (in good, clean condition) to the registration desk on Monday or Tuesday morning, and pick up a swapped item at the Hub, to freshen your wardrobe!


Rethinking Drinking


Ever wonder how much is too much? Come and test your knowledge on safe levels of drinking with our wonderful Health & Wellbeing Practitioners, Danielle and Hannah. You’ll be pouring the drinks! This activity has no time limit.



Take some time out from all the excitement and relax in our lounge.


You've got questions? We've got answers!

Thank you to our Wellness Hub partners for making this initiative possible.