Visualising Medicine


“This is Armando Hasudungan from Biology and Medicine videos.” From microscopic cell biology to intricate illustrations of kidney physiology, Armando captures the very essence of Medicine through his unique and engaging YouTube videos. Join Armando to witness first-hand how he turns medicine into a work of art through illustration and live-narration of pathophysiology. This is also your chance to bring out your inner artist through a live drawing session, where you will learn how to incorporate drawing into study via visual learning!


Dr Armando Hasudungan Faigl

Dr Armando Hasudungan Faigl is currently an intern based in Sydney and the creator of Armando Hasudungan. He started his drawing journey as a hobby and it has now become his passion to teach biomedical pathophysiology to students and experienced professionals in a creative manner. With his unique illustrations and engaging narrations, his Youtube videos have garnered 60+ million views in total since 2011.