Uncovering Big Food’s Dirty Tactics


How does the food industry manipulate people’s choices? And why does this matter? Join this thought-provoking session to unpack how the ‘big food’ industry is working behind the scenes to keep profits high and health low, and learn what we can do to change this.


Dr Phillip Baker

Dr Phillip Baker is an Alfred Deakin Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at Deakin University, and is a member of the Institute for Physical Activity and Nutrition (IPAN). His research focuses on the politics of food and nutrition, globalisation and food systems change, and policies to prevent undernutrition, overweight and obesity, and non-communicable diseases in Australia and internationally. He has appeared many times in online media, including in The Conversation and has also done a TedX talk about the politics of food, ‘Who influences what we eat?’.