The Myth of Medical Life


Undoubtedly, medicine is a big life commitment which often requires personal sacrifices. Is it possible to do even more outside of the life as a doctor? Short answer – yes. Hear from Dr Vyom Sharma, GP magician extraordinare, on how he balances medicine, magic and media work. In this interactive workshop you will hear of his personal story and engage in discussions around the importance of a non-medicine life and how to achieve it. You will feel inspired and empowered to make actionable changes in your own medical journey to pursue interests outside of medicine.


Dr Vyom Sharma

Dr Vyom Sharma is a Melbourne-based GP and co-host of the Radiotherapy program on Triple R FM. He contributes opinion articles on medicine and healthcare to publications including the Guardian Australia, Sydney Morning Herald and Australia Doctor Magazine. His second role as a magician, mentalist and illusionist has taken him to many places, the likes of the Sydney Opera House, Melbourne International Comedy Festival and the finals of Australia’s Got Talent.