The Ageing Approach to Aged Care


“The hallmark of a civilised society is how it treats its most vulnerable people and our elderly are often amongst our most physically, emotionally and financially vulnerable,” Commissioner Tracey said at the formal opening of the Royal Commission into Aged Care in January. Initiated after the abuse at Oakden Aged Mental Health care service in Adelaide was revealed in early 2018, it will bring into question the many injustices that are daily practice across Australia in aged care policy, codes of conduct and practice. Importantly, it will also scrutinise how we as a society view the elderly population; our grandparents, parents, mentors and friends. Most of our patients will be elderly, so we owe it to them to scrutinise our own biases. This session will give you a starting point to work from.


Ms Rosie Bonnin

Rosie is a Research Associate with a focus on Ageing and End of Life issues with CareSearch and palliAGED at Flinders University, SA. Rosie has a research and education interest in population and public health approaches to promoting health and wellbeing across the life course and continuum of care and the translation of evidence into every day practice. Rosie is currently leading the Aged focus of the Commonwealth-funded national engagement project, “Building Knowledge and Awareness through Sector Engagement’.

Dr Joseph Ibrahim

Dr Joseph Ibrahim is a professor at Monash University where he established the Health Services Research Unit at the Department of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine, Monash University in 1999. He is currently a principal investigator on research grants and contracts on healthcare quality and safety projects with the World Bank, the Australian Commonwealth and State Health Departments. He is also Adjunct Professor at the Australian Centre for Evidence Based Aged Care at La Trobe University. At Monash, he has also developed, coordinated and taught in a range of undergraduate and postgraduate education units in his principle areas of interest: quality of care, patient safety, aged care, climate change and preventive medicine. Joseph’s ongoing research is investigating approaches to improving the lives of persons with dementia and reducing harm to older persons living in Residential Aged Care. He is a past member of the editorial committee for the International Journal for Quality in Health Care and a former director on the Board, Aged Care Standards And Accreditation Agency (2002-2012), as well as the founding Director of Aged Care Medicine at Peninsula Health. He is a practicing consultant physician in Aged Care Medicine.