Teaching Our Future


Have you ever wondered how our MD course is created? Who designs our curriculum? Have of all those MCQs and mini-CEXs been validated to provide benefit? How can we innovate our learning, educational resources and assessments? Hear from A/Prof Anna Ryan, Dr Joshua Waring and Dr Lucy Desmond as they outline their work in the various facets of medical student education. In this session you will discover what is being done to optimise education for the next generation of doctors and help medical students learn.


Associate Professor Anna Ryan

A/Prof Anna Ryan is the current Director of Assessment in the Department of Medical Education. In addition, she chairs the MD Assessment Committee and serves on the DME Executive, the MD Evaluation Committee & Clinical Subjects Committee and the DME Research & Research Training Committee and Human Ethics Research Group. She is a medical doctor and chiropractor.



Dr Joshua Waring

Josh is a clinical sub-dean at the Austin Clinical School and has been an academic staff member there since 2012. He developed a keen interest for medical education early in his clinical career and has since pursued this as his main vocational interest. This has lead him to commence a PhD looking at professional identity formation in medical students, with a focus on sexual and gender minority students. Josh has also been heavily involved in the development of situational judgement tests in the MD curriculum. When not doing any of the above, you’ll find him somewhere in his garden in the Macedon Ranges.

Dr Lucy Desmond

Lucy is a doctor, author and speaker who believes in better medicine: better relationships with patients, more inclusive processes in hospitals and innovative resources for students and doctors alike. After having five medical journal articles accepted for publication in her first year of submitting research, Lucy realised that she wanted to be on the front lines of medical education by creating high-yield and beautifully designed infographic textbooks and digital content for medical students. Celebrating the joy of learning and fighting for equality and diversity in medicine are what drive Lucy to pursue the project, called ‘beauty within medicine’.