Paediatric Code Blue!


Code blue! You are the first one to the scene! What do you do? How do you do it? What do you need to know to save this child’s life?

This workshop will answer all of these questions and more, equipping you with skills and tips specific for child resuscitation. Through a series of real-time simulations, this workshop will improve your basic life support skills in infants and children under the guidance of Dr Wonie Uahwatanasakul, paediatrician from the Royal Children’s Hospital.

You might be confident with adult resuscitation, but what happens when your patient is much smaller and much younger? Come along to find out!

Please note: if you attended this workshop at MDSC18, it is probably best to go for another option this year.


Available to all year levels


Key facilitator:

  • Dr Wonie Uahwatanasakul