Making Hospitals Greener


You may have re-usable shopping bags, and might always remember your Keep Cup. But every time you cannulate a patient or give a vaccination you produce a huge amount of unavoidable waste. Our industry continues to develop more and more single-use items for everyday procedures, creating an even larger impact on the environment. As future doctors, what is our role in protecting the environment whilst supporting sterile and safe treatment of patients? In this symposium, hear the perspectives from a MedEarth representative, a hospital sustainability officer and a doctor. MedEarth is an organisation which recycles old hospital equipment, in order to reduce the burden of waste and provide supplies to support humanitarian aid. Join this panel with a wealth and breadth of experience to discuss this important issue of creating a more sustainable healthcare system.


Dr Jonny Taitz

Dr Jonny Taitz, FRACP is a Specialist Paediatrician in private practice in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. He trained at Red Cross Children’s Hospital, Cape Town and Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick. He is also the Clinical Director for paediatric patient safety at The Clinical Excellence Commission in Sydney. Besides his clinical training he also has a Harkness fellowship in Quality and safety from Harvard Medical School, Boston. His charity work includes chairing the SMILE Foundation board for 5 years and 15 years on the Board of the Humpty Dumpty Foundation. He is currently on the boards of Medearth and Ausimed.


Ms Roslyn Morgan

Ros Morgan is a practicing Intensive Care Nurse who was involved in bringing in a number of sustainability initiatives to her own department and progressing many of them to others. After joining the Monash Health green network, Ros eventually took on the role of Sustainabilty Officer for Monash Health, the largest Victorian Healthcare network. For the last 2 years she has worked as the Environmental Health Officer with ANMF (Vic Branch) whilst keeping up her clinical practice in a part time capacity. Through these opportunities Ros is well exposed to both grassroots and administrative challenges and opportunities and working in personal and political spheres.

Dr Eugenie Kayak

Eugenie Kayak FANZCA, MBBS, MSc is a Melbourne based anaesthetist and national Co-Chair of Doctors for the Environment Australia (DEA). Eugenie has worked with DEA and within her own profession over the last decade for improved environmental practices and accountability from the health sector and the prevention of associated health effects. Whilst DEA’s Victorian Chairperson she lead DEA’s legal challenge of the EPA approval for a new coal fired power plant in Morwell, Victoria in 2011. This is possibly the first time a coal power plant has been challenged due to health concerns for the local and global community. Eugenie has represented DEA on multiple issues over the last decade including siting on the Victorian State Government Climate Change Advisory Panel.