Keynote: Dr Rolf Gomes


Heart of Australia is the brainchild of Brisbane cardiologist Dr Rolf Gomes. His vision is to revolutionise the delivery of first-class specialty services to rural and remote communities, giving much needed specialist medical care that is often taken for granted in the city. The first 18-wheel semi-trailer mobile clinic for Heart of Australia that Rolf personally designed was launched in 2014 after six years of planning and construction and has since welcomed more than 6000 GP-referred patients on its 8000km monthly visits to 13 bush communities throughout Queensland. Heart of Australia has so far saved more than 300 lives of rural Australians by diagnosing patients with previously undetected critical cardiac conditions. The second, even bigger mobile clinic saw its first patient in 2018 and is now a part of a growing fleet of state of the art, custom designed and constructed high-tech mobile medical clinics.