Is There A Doctor On Board?


You’re settling into your flight bound for picturesque Santorini after your final exams for the year. Just as the wheels lift off, a panicked flight attendant comes over the loudspeaker and says: ‘Is there a doctor onboard?’

Your heart beats faster as you feel your sympathetic nervous system kick in. What do you do? What awaits you if you raise your hand? Are you the right person for the job? And will you make it to Santorini?

In this workshop you will be working in small teams to manage various simulated on-board medical scenarios as first responders. With the guidance of an Aviation Medicine specialist, you will learn the basics of in-flight medical management, how the decision to divert the flight is made, and our role as future health practitioners.


Available to all year levels

Please note: if you attended this workshop at MDSC18, it is probably best to go for another option this year.


Key facilitator:

  • Dr Russell Brown