How Much is a Patient Worth? Funding Considerations in Hospitals


Do all patients get an equal share of the health funding money pot? And do all patients deserve the same share? This session will enlighten you on the behind-the-scenes economics of running a hospital, and what this means for individual patients.


Professor Graeme Maguire

Professor Maguire is the current Head of Unit for General Internal Medicine at Western Health. He has previously spent 17 years in Northern and Central Australia as a clinician and researcher, has published over 100 research papers, and was previously the head of the Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institutes’ clinical research domain. He is trained as a general internal and respiratory medicine specialist with experience in health service provision, health-related research and health policy and protocol development. As well as being Head of Internal Medicine at the Western, Graeme is also an active participant in health policy and protocol development and research relating to regional health service evaluation and practice, chronic disease diagnosis and care, and tropical and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander respiratory and cardiovascular health and disease.