Who Will Guard the Guards? – Presented by Medfem


We have all witnessed episodes of injustice and abuse of power in our workplaces, homes, and communities, but as students, many of us feel unable to speak up or effect change. This self-image conceals the power our privilege affords us, and the responsibility we have to mobilise this power in a useful way. As medical students and imminent doctors, how do we manage our own power, how can we exert it for good, and how can power and vulnerability co-exist? Join Medfem for an intimate discussion of power, those who hold it, and how best to hold these people accountable. This session will be presented by Marion Isobel, a human rights lawyer who has worked for organisations such as the Open Society Foundation litigating criminal justice and accountability for torture, as well as the United Nations in prosecuting members of the Khmer Rouge.


Ms Marion Isobel

Marion is a barrister at the Victorian Bar practicing in health, human rights, and public and criminal law. Marion holds Masters and Bachelors degrees in law from the University of Queensland, putting herself through university by working as an assistant psychiatric nurse. Before coming to the bar, Marion spent seven years working at the Open Society Foundations in London and Budapest leading a team of international lawyers litigating criminal justice and prevention and accountability for torture. Prior to this, she was a lawyer with the United Nations in Cambodia investigating genocide in the Khmer Rouge regime. Marion has also worked in Melbourne as a solicitor in the Health and Aged Care team at Russell Kennedy, and in Vanuatu lecturing in public international law and running an international treaty project for PacLII.