Surgical Improv: Trauma Management in Low-Resource Settings


Picture this: you’re at a GP clinic in rural Australia, or in a developing country on that overseas placement you’ve always dreamed about. A patient sits before you. They’ve had a nasty fall – their arm is resting at a funny angle and it’s really sore. On their leg, there’s a laceration covered in muck. It will be hours before the patient can get to the nearest hospital, and basic medical supplies are all you have at your disposal. So what can you do to help? In this workshop, you’ll need to think on your feet and improvise with rudimentary surgical and medical “equipment”. You will assess for fractures, manage a dirty, complex wound, and consider how to best prepare a patient for an imminent emergency operation, all without the endless resources of a hospital. There will be dirt, so please wear casual clothing! Heads up MD2s, please only select this workshop if you have completed your Surgery or ED rotation.

This workshop is presented in collaboration with SSSM.


Available to MD2, MD3, MD4


Key facilitators:

  • Prof Tony Penington
  • Mr David Chong
  • Dr Juliette Gentle