Tools for Change: Discrimination and Harassment in Medicine


As future doctors, it is important we understand the workplace environment of which we will soon be a part; a workplace that can unfortunately result in harassment, exploitation, and poor mental health. This session aims to examine the systemic factors that shape our workplace dynamics for the worse, and how these issues can be addressed. Presented by Dr Melissa Yang from doc2doc, this session will provide you with tools to navigate the system, explore support networks available to junior doctors and discuss changes that can be implemented to create a more nurturing workplace.


Dr Melissa Yang

Dr Melissa Yang is a Respiratory and Sleep Medicine Physician practising at The Western Hospital and The Northern Hospital. She is also a member of the Voluntary Assisted Dying Review Board. She is a founding member of the Doc to Doc Network, which aims to empower female doctors through mentorship, collaboration, and support. She is a mother, a runner and a feminist who believes in creating a level playing field for women in medicine.