Scroll through your social media feed and you will find images of filtered perfection – green juices, coconut water, chia seed puddings. The ubiquitous hashtag #cleaneating cultivates an aura of health and wellbeing, but sometimes solely following a certain ‘food lifestyle’ can cause health concerns. This session will explore the dangers of “clean eating”, why it is common in the modern age, and what we as future doctors can do to provide quality advice to curb the potential harms from unhealthy ‘healthy’ lifestyles.


Dr Siân McLean

Dr Siân McLean is a body image researcher and lecturer in psychology at Victoria University, whose interests focus on understanding factors that create risk for or protect against body dissatisfaction. Her work specifically looks at how viewing and using social media leads to body dissatisfaction and other problematic outcomes, and the best way to prevent these negative effects. This has led to development of social media literacy interventions to enhance critical thinking about social media to reduce its influence on body image. Dr McLean’s research has been recognised through national and international awards.