Change My Mind: Vaccines


How do we talk to antivaxxers? Even our best ideas can have little impact if we can’t communicate them properly. How do we best show our patients that we are acting in their best interests? How do we explain difficult concepts to those without our training and experience? Facing opposition is a common challenge when practicing medicine, and it is important to know effective ways to respond. Put your skeptical hats on and join us for an exploration on an issue close to us all: the anti-vax movement.


Ms Joanne Benhamu

Joanne Benhamu is a Senior Clinical Research Nurse at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre with almost twenty years of experience in clinical nursing. She has a Masters in Bioethics from Monash University, and is a Teaching Associate for the MBBS program through the Monash Centre for Bioethics. She is a founding member of Stop the AVN (Australian Vaccination Network) and has co-authored several papers challenging anti-vaccination papers in the scientific literature. She is currently Acting President of Australian Skeptics Inc, an organisation whose mission is to promote science and critical thinking. While passionate about science-based medicine, Joanne is focused on addressing how knowledge experts communicate with laypersons, whether in the context of clinical care or public communication of science.