Beyond the Band: Stories from Bariatric Patients


Bariatric Surgery is often touted as a magic bullet, a life saver for people whose weight is perceived as detrimental to their health. There is no doubt that it works – patients often lose a significant amount of weight. But the story does not end there. The enthusiasm for this surgery underlies a cultural distain for those whose bodies don’t conform to our westernised standards of what is acceptable. In this session we look at the way medical professionals interact with people deemed overweight or obese. Our panel will discuss their experiences with bariatric surgery both as health professionals and on a personal level; before, during and after surgery.


Dr Amanda Villis

Dr Amanda Villis is a GP based in Western Australia. She completed her medical training in Perth before moving to the small town of Mount Barker in 2012 where she now practices.






Dr Rebecca Quake

Dr Rebecca Quake is a Melbourne Uni graduate who has practiced as a GP for over 10 years. She has worked around Australia and recently returned from a stint in Canada. She has worked in several different fields in medicine including: Forensics, Family Planning, Health Technology & Information and Indigenous Health. She has a special interest in in Women’s Health and Mental Health.

Dr Shannon McCarthy

Dr Shannon McCarthy completed her medical degree at the University of Tasmania in 2006 and completed her physician training at Barwon Health, Western Health and Ballarat Base Hospital. In 2014-15 she was a fellow in the Clinical Trials Unit at Barwon Health. She now practices as an endocrinologist in Victoria.

Ms Leonie Henderson

Leonie Henderson works in the quality unit at Northern Health. She has also set up an obesity in pregnancy antenatal clinic.