Advanced Suturing


Do simple interrupted sutures no longer CUT it? Want a few more skills to flaunt in sticky STITCHuations? NEEDLE little bit more of a challenge in your life? Fear KNOT, we have just the thing for you! Come and up your suturing game at our 2019 MDSC advanced suturing workshop! This workshop will be open to all MD2 – MD4 students who are comfortable with their basic suturing skills, including use of instruments and performing simple interrupted sutures. You will learn various types of more advanced suturing techniques, including vertical and horizontal mattresses, running subcuticular sutures, as well as surgical knot tying techniques. You will also learn how to assess wounds, and which suturing technique will be best suited for different types of wound closure. So what are you waiting for? Whether you are an aspiring surgeon or not, this is the workshop you’ve been SURG-ing for!


Available to MD2, MD3, MD4


Key facilitator:

  • Dr Prue Ashton