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MDSCx Key Information

Registration & Workshops: Despite COVID-19, we are proud to continue the tradition of guaranteeing a workshop at home for every MD student. Some workshops will require your address for materials to be sent out by our Organising Team or collection at a centralised metropolitan Melbourne location should social distancing regulations change and students are willing. Some workshops may also require you to submit an agreement regarding the equipment provided. Where this is necessary, the appropriate information will appear at registration and can be viewed in the attached MDSCx Workshops and Wellness Activities document.

Registration for MDSCx will begin at 10:00am and close at 10:00pm on the following days:

  • MD4 & MPH: Monday, May 18
  • MD3: Tuesday, May 19
  • MD2: Wednesday, May 20
  • MD1: Thursday, May 21

✦ In this emailed registration form you will fill in your details and select 𝗢𝗡𝗘 workshop, and then additionally a fun wellness activity if you wish (more on this below)

Does everybody need to register?

YES! It is a COMPULSORY credited subject with hurdle assessment (ePortfolio reflection task: Assessment)

General format will be 2 keynotes, and 2 symposia which include: day academic sessions / wellness activities / workshops


Everyone is guaranteed ONE workshop at home  (each has a quota per year level, and is first-come, first-serve)

✦ Surgical kits will be mailed to you for the workshops which require sharps

✦ Timeslot will be during one of the symposia sessions. During other symposia where you do not have an allocated workshop, you will join one of the general symposia sessions (i.e. day academic/wellness sessions)


✦ These will be super fun activities such as cooking masterclasses and painting that run during symposia, as well as before and after most days! (more here: Wellness). Be sure to follow the Facebook Week of Wellness (WOW) event to be up to date!

✦ There will be optional activities that require registration and those that do not

Registration is required for activities that are limited in spots and require information to get materials to you (such as the Italian pasta masterclass!)

✦ Please DO NOT choose the same time slot as your chosen workshop session

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*A lot of the clickable FAQs below apply to pre-2020 MDSC where it was physically at MCEC.


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