Assessment* (2019)

MDSC comprises a 6.25 credit point subject and as such there are some hurdle assessment requirements which must be met in order to pass the subject. The assessment task you need to complete will depend on what year level you are in. All assessment is pass/fail, and all items are hurdle.


* 14/05/2020 Update
MDSCx Assessment in 2020 will likely be identical to as the 2019 details listed here, with expected due dates to be about a month after the conference (i.e. late July). We will update this page with the final due dates soon, so keep a look out at this space.


  • 100% attendance to all four days of MDSC
  • Conference reflection
  • Research evaluation
  • At least 3 secondary elements


  • 100% attendance to all four days of MDSC
  • 5 MDRP poster reviews
  • 2 e-Portfolio peer reviews

MD4? If you have an internship interview during MDSC, no need to worry! You will just need to fill out a SLOA form. Click the button to download instructions.

Due Dates

MDRP Poster Review

(MD4 only)

11:59pm Friday 19/07/2019


Conference Reflection, Research Evaluation, and Secondary Elements

(MD1-3 only)
11:59pm Friday 26/07/2019

e-Portfolio Peer Review

(MD2-4 only)

11:59pm Friday 23/08/2019

The e-Portfolio

The e-Portfolio is an opportunity for you to reflect upon your thoughts and experiences from MDSC. Successful completion of the e-Portfolio is a hurdle requirement to pass the MDSC subject.

The requirements for the e-Portfolio differ by year level. You will be required to complete all compulsory elements (CE) and secondary elements (SE) allocated to your year level. Only the minimum amount of secondary elements required will be assessed; however, you may choose to exceed this amount if you wish.

Compulsory Elements

You must complete all of the compulsory elements allocated to your year level. Some year levels are also required to complete secondary elements (below).

MD1: conference reflection & research evaluation

MD2: conference reflection, research evaluation & e-Portfolio reviews

MD3: conference reflection, research evaluation & e-Portfolio reviews

MD4: e-Portfolio reviews and MDRP poster reviews


For complete assessment information including instructions on how to complete the e-Portfolio, click below (also available on MDConnect):


Full Assessment Instructions

Secondary Elements

You can select which secondary elements you would like to complete. MD1s need to complete at least 3, MD2s & MD3s need to complete at least 2.

Upload evidence of one ACADEMIC symposium session that you attended.

  • What motivated you to attend this session?
  • What did you get out of the session?

150 words + 1 x photo required